It's almost time for the 2019 MTV EMA, and this year's host, Becky G, has some serious shoes to fill. The EMA have a long history of wild performances and hilarious moments brought to you by our incredible multi-talented hosts. But have you ever wondered what kind of EMA host you'd be? (IDK about you, but my fingers are crossed for Ed Sheeran.)

Take the quiz and see who you get! Don't forget to keep track of your answers!

1. Pick at city to host from.
A: Seville
B: Bilbao
C: London
D: Milan
E: Glasgow
F: Belfast 

2. Pick an outfit to wear.
A: IDK, I'll figure it out when I get there
B: Something short and shiny
C: Bathrobe and towel, but with DIAMONDS
D: Something smart with good tailoring
E: Something bold and absolutely no pants
F: Something sweet and girly

3. Pick a color.
A: Pink
B: Yellow
C: Blue
D: Orange
E: Green
F: Purple

4. Who are you sitting next to?
A: Halsey
B: Dua Lipa
C: Liam Payne
D: Justin Bieber
E: Little Mix
F: Katy Perry

5. Choose a prop.
A: Paperweight
B: Picture frame
D: Banana
E: Crown
F: Top hat

6. What stunt are you pulling off?
A: Riding in on a motorcycle
B: Cartwheels
C: Popping up from under the stage
D: Operating a flamethrower
E: Flying in from the ceiling
F: Beatboxing

7. Who's high-fiving you backstage?
A: Cher Lloyd
B: Sophie Turner
C: Charli XCX
D: Taylor Swift
E: Ariana Grande
F: Julia Michaels

8. Pick a cute animal.
A: Puppy
B: Kitten
C: Bunny
D: Hedgehog
E: Duckling
F: Piglet

9. Where are you partying after?
A: A nice, big dinner with my fam
B: Karaoke, duh
C: Wherever my millionth outfit change will be appreciated
D: Somewhere dive-y
E: Private room and bottle service 
F: PJ party in my bed

Done! Let's find out which MTV EMA host you'd be:
Did you pick letter A the most? You're this year's MTV EMA host Becky G!
You haven't even hit the stage yet, but you're ready to make history. You're gonna sing and dance and rap your heart out all over the stage in Seville, and totally make the world fall in love with you even more. Break legs out there Sunday night, sweetie! xoxo


Did you pick letter B the most? You're 2018 MTV EMA host Hailee Steinfeld! 
You can truly do it all: sing, dance, act, do comedy, perfectly cartwheel through priceless fine art, have robots spray paint you and your dress on live TV and not pass out… You know, EVERYTHING.


Did you pick letter C the most? You're 2017 MTV EMA host Rita Ora! 
You love fashion, and fashion loves you. You flawlessly pulling off so many different looks, but you're more than just a style icon, OK?? You're funny, too! 


Did you pick letter D the most? You're 2015 MTV EMA hosts Ed Sheeran & Ruby Rose! 
You're the perfect balance of cool, badass and totally down to earth, with a hilariously ~loose~ demeanor that has the whole world in stitches and wanting to be your best friend.


Did you pick letter E the most? You're 2014 MTV EMA host Nicki Minaj! 
This is your world; we're all just living in it. You're charming, confident, and you know how to make a BIG entrance. And that's why we all love you!


Did you pick letter F the most? You're 2011 MTV EMA host Selena Gomez!
You just might be the sweetest person in the world. You know how to make people feel comfortable and empowered to be the best they can be, which is why everyone is totally happy to cheer you on, too.