Obviously, the 2019 MTV EMA were always going to be a massive deal, but nothing could have prepared us for the electric night that just went down in Seville, Spain! In case you missed it, we've got the full rundown of every outfit, award, and performance from this year's show.
Dua Lipa
With a big song like "Don't Start Now," you don't need much, so Dua Lipa kept things minimalist (but still powerful!) with a giant yellow square with an army of leotard-clad dancers with her in the middle. Dua held it down in the middle in a sexy black leotard with chest and butt (yes, you read that correctly) cut-outs. Very striking in an '80s pop art kind of way. 
Everyone moved from the square to the floor for some impressive chair work and group choreography that I'll be practicing for the next week.
For her performance of "Don't Call Me Up," Mabel kicked things off by swatting away some dudes backstage. When she ascended to the main floor, a gang of backup dancers and a giant purple landline phone (so retro!) were there waiting for her to belt and wine her way straight into the hearts of everyone watching.
Niall Horan
Not only was this Niall Horan's first time performing at the MTV EMA, this was his first time at the show, period! For his performance of his hit "Nice To Meet Ya," he kept things pretty streamlined. This was all about Niall, his voice, and his guitar. No flashy stage gimmicks; just a spotlight, a few background beam lights to amplify big instrumental moments, and the music.
Akon & Becky G
Becky G was pulling double duty as host and performer at this year's EMA. For her first round up at the mic, she helped Akon premiere their new song "Cómo No" with a massive on stage party. Special highlights included: their Carnaval float arrivals, Akon's conga drum break, and Becky's bejeweled outfit which...TBH, would rival any of Rihanna's Barbados Popover looks!
Green Day
Beaming in from the Plaza de España, Green Day performed their new song "Father Of All…" to a packed crowd of screaming fans. The brought blaring guitars, pyrotechnics, crowd surfing and even surprised everyone with a little of their iconic track "Basket Case." Hard to believe they've been performing together as a band for 33 years!
Halsey basically gave the EMA a live recreation of the music video for "Graveyard." (Well, minus Sydney Sweeney.) The performance started things off with an overhead shot of Halsey laying in a garden scene, then quickly moved to a larger set of dilapidated carousel horses. 
Halsey gave us trippy floral vocals, vaguely nightmarish vibes, and of course, killer vocals.
Ava Max
For her 2019 EMA performance, it was clear Ava Max had one goal in mind: making sure everyone knew she could belt her freaking face off. Taking the stage in a voluminous red dress and set against a silhouetted string section, she crushed a medley of "Torn" into the smash "Sweet But Psycho," and we're all better for it!
One of the most epic performances of the night was, of course, Rosalía's. Not just because it seemed the entire live audience in the FIBES Conference and Exhibition Centre knew every single word and adlib to "Di Mi Nombre," but because it was drama from start to finish. Starting off in shadows? Enormous risers full of the world's most attractive choir? Buttery vocals with studio-ready runs? All further proof that Rosalía is the coolest person alive.
NCT 127
The boys of NCT 127 did not disappoint with their historic performance of "Highway to Heaven." The performance was a first not just for the band but for K-Pop at large as no other K-Pop group has performed at the awards show before. They gave great face, made excellent use of the LED backdrop and floor, and turned out some effortless outfits that I'll be thinking about as I continue to curate my fall wardrobe.
Becky G 
For her second performance of the night, Becky G took the audience on a cinematic ride through her musical oeuvre. First up, what appeared to be the conceptual beginnings of a luxurious heist film: arches, flames, a fedora, masked men in berets and leather trenches, all set to a reggaeton beat. And honestly, I'd let her rob me any day! As she removed items of clothing — the hat, the skirt — she transitioned to different songs and made crystal clear that this performance is about the reinvention of Becky G. She's an adult now, OK? Don't forget it.

Liam Gallagher - Medley: "Once," "Wonderwall"
Finally, the incomparable Liam Gallagher, the first Rock Icon in MTV EMA history, closed out the show. He kept things classic, starting with "Once" on a bare bones stage — little else but a few well-placed flood lights and his band accompanying him. Warm lighting throughout the crowd made the massive arena feel like an intimate living room set. Obviously, you can't hear his voice and not also want to hear the Oasis smash "Wonderwall," a fact it seems Liam is well aware of, as well. It was the perfect way to end the night.