From Doja Cat to Yungblud, These Performances Lit Up the MTV EMA 2020 Stage

What makes the MTV EMA consistently THE most exciting awards show on the planet? The performers always go absolutely NUTS. The sets and concepts are inventive. The production quality is bonkers. And unbelievably, even 2020 couldn't stop that! This year's show served up hypnotic choreography from Little Mix and Zara Larsson, powerful cultural statements via DaBaby and Sam Smith, a wildly good time by Doja Cat and YUNGBLUD, and so. much. MORE.

We rounded up all the jaw-dropping performances below, so you can watch your faves (or even the whole show) over and over and over again!

Doja Cat — "Say So"

Opening the show, Doja Cat gifted us with a completely unexpected "Say So" remix. The performance was part The Grudge, part Evanescence, and 100% incredible. Calling on Haley Sharpe, a.k.a. @yodelinghaley, to come up with a new dance for this version!

Watch Doja Cat's 2020 MTV EMA performance HERE.

Jack Harlow — "Tyler Herro" / "Whats Poppin'"

For his EMA performance, Jack Harlow shrugged on his best puffer jacket, called up a crew of boss dancers, and situated it all in floor-to-ceiling motion graphics. Keep your eyes peeled for the Private Garden championship ring.

Watch Jack Harlow's 2020 MTV EMA performance HERE.

Sam Smith — "Diamonds"

Mind-blowing vocals are practically a given for Sam Smith, but dancing is new! And TBH, we really, really love it. That and the powerful statement for equality.

Watch Sam Smith's 2020 MTV EMA performance HERE.

David Guetta Featuring Raye — "Let's Love"

When the announcement broke that David Guetta and Raye would be doing this thing from the Széchenyi Bath, we pictured something completely different. This performance was cooler than anything we ever could have dreamt up.

Watch David Guetta and Raye's 2020 MTV EMA performance HERE.

Maluma  — "DjaDja (Remix with Aya Nakamura)" / "Hawái"

Not sure about you, but we've always wanted to see into Maluma's bedroom. Also, shouts to the cute and relatable concept for the remote duet with Aya Nakamura!

Watch Maluma's 2020 MTV EMA performance HERE.

DaBaby — "ROCKSTAR" / "Blind" / "Practice"

Let's get a round of applause going for DaBaby's mind and this three-act cinematic medley. Wow.

Watch DaBaby's 2020 MTV EMA performance HERE.

Little Mix — "Sweet Melody"

They can sing. They can dance. They can host. Little Mix really can do it all! Also, we're gonna need someone to put together a tutorial video for this choreography ASAP. (Also also, we miss you, Jesy!)

Watch Little Mix's 2020 MTV EMA performance HERE.

Alicia Keys — "Love Looks Better"

The Vanessa Carlton "A Thousand Miles" energy is so strong in this performance, and we. are. here. for. it.

Watch Alicia Keys' 2020 MTV EMA performance HERE.

Tate McRae — "You Broke Me First"

If we told you this was Tate McRae's first EMA performance would you believe us? She CRUSHED this.

Watch Tate McRae's 2020 MTV EMA performance HERE.

Karol G — "Bichota"

Dobermans? Lowriders with hydraulics? Gem-laced baby hairs? Gobs of patent leather? This performance really truly has it all.

Watch Karol G's 2020 MTV EMA performance HERE.

YUNGBLUD — "Cotton Candy" & "Strawberry Lipstick"

We absolutely cannot believe how much of this performance YUNGBLUD does totally suspended in air. It is so, SO impressive, and we just hope the harness was comfortable!

Watch YUNGBLUD's 2020 MTV EMA performance HERE.

Zara Larsson — "WOW"

Finally, who better to close the show than this earth angel? These moves and vocals will make your jaw drop-drop.

Watch Zara Larsson's 2020 MTV EMA performance HERE.