Katy Perry

One of the most successful recording artists of all time, she’s sold 11 million-plus albums worldwide.

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Despre artist

From: Santa Barbara, California, USA

Debut: 'Katy Hudson' (2001)

Biggest Hit: 'Last Friday Night' (2010)

EMA Nominations: Most Addictive Track/Best Female 2008, Best Video 2009, Best Female/Best Pop/Best World Stage/Best Song 2010, Best Female/Best Pop/Best North American Act/Best Song 2011, Best Female/Best Pop/Biggest Fans/Best North American Act/Best Video 2012, Best Pop 2013, Best Song/Best Pop/Best Live/Best Female/Best US Act 2014, Best Live/ Biggest Fans (2015)

EMA Wins: Best New 2008, Best Video 2010, Best Live 2011, Best Female 2013, Best Look/Best Video 2014

EMA Performances: 'I Kissed a Girl'/'Hot N Cold' (2008), 'Musical Cabaret Performance' (2009), 'Firework' (2010), 'Unconditionally' (2013)

EMA Appearances: Host 2008, 2009; Presenter 2011

Fun Fact: Perry began her music career singing Christian pop

Why MTV Loves Her: Her exuberant pop, her playful style, and her devotion to her legions of KatyCats.