Rotterdam’s Ridiculously Delicious Food

Rotterdam does some seriously beautiful things with carbs.

October 17, 2016

All of this Rotterdam talk has us thinking back to the time the Brothers Green explored the Rotterdam food scene. Try not to drool while watching this clip of the bros whipping up some savory stroopwafels with Dutch food vlogger, Rens!

Not quite done fanatasizing about the food in Rotterdam? Well, here's a guide to some of the most popular dishes you'll find in the city:

Broodje Haring: It doesn't get more Dutch than Broodje Haring, an intimidating but delicious sandwich of raw herring with the bones included (yes, they're edible) and raw onion served in a roll.

Kapsalon: Kapsalon is a wild dish best enjoyed at the end of a wild night. It's a bed of french fries topped with shawarma meat, melted gouda cheese, salad, garlic and hot sauces.  A hairdresser from Rotterdam concocted the dish at a Turkish restaurant which is how it got the name kapsalon, which translates to hair salon in Dutch.
Bitterballen: Bitterballen is a favorite bar snack in Rotterdam. The round, deep-fried balls of shredded meat are basically the Dutch version of croquettes. The Dutch enjoy the bitterballen in spicy mustard while sipping on beer.

Stroopwafels: While delicious as a savory meal, as demonstrated by the Brothers Green, stroopwafels are usualy served as a snack or dessert. Take a thin, crisp waffle, slice it in half, glue the halves together with a Dutch caramel called stroop and you'll have yourself a stroopwafel.  We're sugar-turnt just thinking about them.

Poffertjes: If you're really trying to have a food party in Rotterdam you're going to want to get some poffertjes, or tiny Dutch pancakes topped with powdered sugar. They're light, spongy and cute as Selena Gomez's cheeks! You can find these cuties being whipped up fresh in food stalls on Rotterdam's streets.

Patatje Oorlog aka "War Fries": These fries look like the messy aftermath of war thus the name. They're served in a cone then topped with sate (peanut) sauce, mayonnaise and chopped raw onion. Hangover cure much?

Stamppot: The Dutch adore their mashed potatoes just as much as Drake adores Rihanna. In Rotterdam, they keep their potato-centric dinners interesting by making stamppot a dish of mashed potatoes mixed up with other vegetables like sauerkraut, carrots and cabbage.