Which Bilbao Music Venue is Perfect for You?

September 23, 2018
Music has been in Bilbao's DNA for ages and the city has the music venues to prove it. Basque Radical Rock, a type of underground punk music, took off in Bilbao in the 1980s and, 30 years later, the city is still a hub for all kinds of rock music. It's not all rock though—there are also hip hop shows and DJ sets going on all over the city.

Which Bilbao music venue is perfect for you?

Cotton Club
If you're trying to lock eyes with cute guitar players then you'll love Cotton Club.Bilbao's Cotton Club is a small but lively place where all kinds of musicians, especially folk and indie bands, have played. The club's intimate layout makes it the perfect venue for locking eyes with cute guitar players.

Cafe Antzokia
If you're into watching shows in interesting settings then check out Kafe Antzokia. Kafe Antzokia opened in 1995 in a building that was once a cinema. After all the cinema seats were torn out, Kafe Antzokia transformed into an awesome music venue where you can regularly catch shows from all types of musicians. MTV EMA Best Alternative nominees, The XX, played there this summer!


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The Biblao Exhibition Centre 
If you're all about epic performances from world famous acts, then The Bilbao Exhibition Centre is for you.Rihanna, Shakira, Twenty One Pilots and Thirty Seconds to Mars have all played The Bilbao Exhibition Centre and the 2018 MTV EMA will be happening there too!


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Azkena Bilbao
If you want to literally dance until the sun comes up then head to Azkena Bilbao. Azkena Bilbao is known for hosting indie rock, hip hop and even metal shows. The place stays open until six in the morning so be ready to bring a ruckus.


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Santana 27
If you like to rock out alongside hundreds of music lovers then you'd have a great time Santana 27. Santana 27 is one of Bilbao's bigger music venues. It has multiple rooms that can hold thousands of concertgoers at a time. Huge names in rock have graced the stages in Santana 27 including legendary rock musician Patti Smith!


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