Meet the EMA Bot

This is a first!

July 31, 2016
The 2016 EMAs is going to be the first award show with its own bot! On Friday, November 4, MTV is launching a special EMA bot that will live on Facebook Messenger. The bot is going to be a super helpful companion to EMA fans; it will answer show-related questions like what time the show airs, provide easy access to a stream of the latest EMA news, relay personal messages to the backstage show hosts and deliver tons of awesome GIFs of everyone's favorite nominees LIVE during the show!

We're going to be capturing the night's craziest, funniest and most unbelievable moments and turning them into GIFs that fans can enjoy during the show and forever after! GIFs from the red carpet, backstage and even the main show will be added to GIPHY's MTV EMA library as the show is unfolding live and you'll be served the newest GIFs of your favorite artists through the EMA bot!

Fans can also use the bot to interact with the backstage show during the EMAs. Fans will be able to participate in polls that will dictate what happens during the backstage show and they'll even be able to let the backstage host, Becca Dudley, know what they want them to ask the EMA stars during backstage interviews.

Don't miss out on your chance to participate in backstage show and get never before seen GIFs from the 2016 EMAs all on Facebook Messenger! You can find the EMA bot directly from the MTV EMA Facebook page or by simply searching for it on Facebook Messenger.