9 Of The Best MTV EMA Hosts Of All Time

We know how to pick 'em.

August 14, 2017
1. Eva Longoria (Madrid, 2010)

When we heard that Hollywood royalty Eva Longoria was going to host the 2013 MTV EMAs, we naturally assumed it would be nothing but classy AF… That's before she rocked up wearing an actual ham costume in one of her THIRTEEN outfit changes. We don't know about you but after her hosting gig we instantly wanted to be BFFs with Eva, she's clearly a good time.

2. Katy Perry (Liverpool, 2008 & Berlin, 2009)


What's better than hosting the MTV EMAs? Hosting them two years running, that's what! And the one and only Katy Perry did just that in 2008 and 2009. First she took to the stage in Liverpool, and boy was it a show to remember. With ten outfit changes and performances that were out of this world we can see why she was invited back in 2009 for the show in Berlin.

3. Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G in 2001, Borat in 2005)


Only Sacha Baron Cohen could host the MTV EMAs twice, but as completely different people. In 2001 we were treated to an epic show hosted by the one and only Ali G. And then four years later, he took on the job of hosting the MTV EMAs in Lisbon as his hilarious character, Borat. Needless to say, he provided the guests with ample entertainment for the whole night with his NSFW humour.  

4. Nicki Minaj (Glasgow, 2014)


Anything to do with Nicki Minaj and MTV is destined to be amazing, so when she hosted the 2014 MTV EMAs in Glasgow it was just that, absolutely amazing. The queen of sass took to the stage and our favourite moment has to be her floating in the air with that EPIC dress. Magical.

5. Redfoo (Amsterdam, 2013)


The LMFAO frontman was the guy for the job at the 2013 MTV EMAs in Amsterdam and boy did he bring the paaaarty! With his high energy levels and all round good vibes, this was a ceremony to remember. We don't know about you but we were definitely there for his amazing suits. Someone call his stylist ASAP, we need to know his secrets.

6. Christina Aguilera (Edinburgh, 2003)


Okay, so Christina Aguilera may not have had the most outfits changes of all time at the 2003 MTV EMAs in Edinburgh, but they sure were the most daring - including taking her hair game to a WHOLE new level. No-one brings the sass quite like Xtina.  Remember when she made the BEST feminist statemen about being a diva? She said: "If the press is gonna label me a damn diva, I may as well live it up, and act like one!" YAAS QUEEN!

7. Ed Sheeran (Milan, 2015)


How could we forget last year's adorable host, the one and only Ed Sheeran. Everyone loves Ed and we reckon it's because he is literally the most *normal* mega-star we have these days.
Not only was he the cute host we were promised, he was absolutely hilarious as well, cracking jokes left, right and centre and mainly taking the mick out of his co-host Ruby Rose.

8. Ruby Rose (Milan, 2015)


Woman of the moment Ruby Rose was also the host of the 2015 MTV EMAs in Milan, and her pairing with Ed Sheeran really did strike up that cute/badass balance. Ruby Rose gave us a much needed dose of gender fluidity openness. Her intro went down in history when she said: "Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in-between." All hail Ruby Rose, queen of EVERYONE!

9. Selena Gomez (Belfast, 2011)


And last but by no means least, we have Selena Gomez hosting the 2011 MTV EMAs in Belfast. We can't believe that this was FIVE years ago! How time flies. SelGo has grown up a lot since her hosting gig, but even back then, when she was a youngster, she absolutely nailed it. Even though she was dating Justin Bieber at the time, she opted to show that she's a strong, independent hostess-with-the-mostest and walked the pink carpet on her own. YES SelGo!