Freedom Is Now a Place

The current refugee crisis is the biggest humanitarian crisis the world has faced since World War II.

October 24, 2015
Tonight at Pharrell Williams's powerful EMA performance of 'Freedom', a new country was born... We call it Freedom. A place where people are safe from violence. Where families stay together. Where no one is afraid. Where futures are possible and every single child, woman and man belongs. A place we build together that can never be destroyed. A place that knows no boundary, because Freedom is big enough for all of us.

Freedom has no refugees, only citizens. We, the citizens of Freedom, will be there to support and welcome everyone.

Help raise the flag of Freedom across the world and raise the money needed to help refugees.

MTV has joined forces with UNICEF to raise the funds needed to welcome new citizens to Freedom and to support refugees wherever they come from and wherever they are going.

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Declare "I am a citizen of Freedom, and I welcome and support new citizens #EMAFreedom"