TBT: Thirty Seconds to Mars’ First EMA Win

Long before Jared Leto won an Oscar, he accepted his band’s first MTV award!

Jared Leto won an Oscar in 2014 for his supporting role in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’—but long before he was recognized by the Academy, his role making music with Thirty Seconds to Mars earned an EMA!

Check out J.L. in the press room at the Munich ceremony posing with the gong for the ‘Rock Out Award’ (since renamed to Best Rock). Look how short-haired and clean-cut he was back then!!!

Of course, 30STM have gone on to win more EMAs since then—7 in total! Here they are after accepting the 2013 MTV EMA for Best Alternative.

My, how Jared’s hair has grown over the years…. We’re not sure whether we prefer him sleek or scruffy!