The Scoop on Rotterdam’s Music Scene

Rotterdam has tons of awesome music venues.

October 3, 2016
Rotterdam is overflowing with creative energy and it's definitely not lacking in cultural hotspots to enjoy it in. There are art galleries galore, mind boggling buildings and music venues all over the city. Rotterdam has a venue for every kind of music from electronic to indie to jazz to hip hop.  Here's the 411 on some of Rotterdam's coolest music venues:  

Paradijskerk: Paradijskerkis a 100-year-old church and occasional music venue.  On certain nights, indie, folk and pop artists can be found playing a show beneath the church's epic chandelier.     

WORM: Worm is the place to go if you want to be immersed in Rotterdam's avant-garde and underground music scene.  There's always something cool happening inside the WORM building, which houses multiple venues including the aptly named Performance Bar, the "shamanistic gig space" Worm Central Station, and the always party-ready Wunderbar.

Rotown: This 25 year old music venue is a favorite of Rotterdam's local music lovers.  A former Chinese restaurant, Rotown is a somewhat small but still hosts lots of big, international acts. 

Ahoy Rotterdam: Since 1971, The Ahoy has been Rotterdam's major music venue.  The massive arena holds 15,000 people and hosts some of the world's biggest stars.  Prince, Janet Jacksons, U2, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and many  more have performed there.  Now the EMAs will be going down there in November! 

BIRD: Bird is where the Jazz-heads of Rotterdam hang.  Jazz, soul, hip hop, funk and new electronica acts can be found jamming at Bird most nights.  It's also known for it's delicious food (pizza is their specialty!) so visitors can enjoy food and music simultaneously.