Wait, They Made HOW Many Wigs for the 2015 EMAs?

We crunched the numbers to find out what goes into putting on a gigantic international production...and it's kind of insane.

October 23, 2015
When you're putting on a massive awards show that's watched by millions of music fans around the world, you'd better bring your A game. And that's just what the many crews working together on the 2015 MTV EMAs have done. Let's have a look at just a few jaw-dropping EMA stats...

- The wiggery (yes, that's a word) backstage at the Mediolanum Forum contains a whopping 1,000 wigs, 300 hairpieces and 100 poly heads.

- And we all know hair and makeup go together like Kanye and Kim, so it's no surprise the cosmetics numbers are equally staggering: 5 kilos of glitter, 300 sets of lashes, 60 assorted moustaches, 300 cans of hairspray and 300 assorted styling products.

- This year's EMAs are sure to dazzle—literally—thanks to 10 truckloads of lighting to brighten up the stage and red carpet.

- 10,000 CDs have been flown in to be used as a performance backdrop. At least someone is still using CDs!

- Catering will prepare 40,000 meals for the celebs and crew gathered at the Forum for the EMAs. Hauling tons of glitter really works up an appetite!

- Everyone wants in on the EMA action: 700 dancers flew to Italy to audition for 35 spots. And more than 1,600 passionate fans auditioned to scream their hearts out on the red carpet. The 700 most enthusiastic (including an Italian Ed Sheeran clone calling himself 'Edo Sheerano') earned spots.

If you weren't one of those chosen fans, do not fret: You can catch the show on MTV at 9am CET on 25 October, and stay tuned to for exclusive behind-the-scenes webcam streams that will make you feel like you're right there in the center of the action!