Meet This Year's Red Carpet and Backstage Correspondents

Here's the 411 on the correspondents who will be bringing you live updates all night:

October 31, 2016
This year's EMAs will have special correspondents covering the red carpet and backstage shows on the social platforms that the fans know and love; Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram!

Jack & Jack on Snapchat
Pop-rap duo, Jack & Jack, who went from recording comedy Vines to rap albums, are going to kill it as they take over the MTV EMA Snapchat account for the night from the red carpet.

Just like Shawn Mendes and Charlie Puth, Jack & Jack won their fans over on social media. In high school the Jacks started sharing their hilarious antics on Vine and it wasn't long before millions of people were watching the guys do their thing.

Jack & Jack go way back. They grew up together in Nebraska and have been best friends since kindergarten. They've basically been documenting their shenanigans since day one.

Jack & Jack have since branched out into making music like the hit, "Wild Life." They've proved that they're serious about a music career with the release of a four song EP titled, Calibraska—which is a mash up of their new home California and, Nebraska, the state they grew up in.

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Hugo Gloss on Instagram
No one is more qualified to be a red carpet correspondent at this year's EMAs than Brazilian blogger Hugo Gloss. He'll be bringing everyone top-notch, live coverage of the red carpet on the EMA's Instagram Story.

Hugo first became internet famous with his popular twitter presence and eventually launched the pop culture and entertainment website: Now the site has millions of followers who love to read Hugo's takes on pop culture news!

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Hugo is also a voice actor. He recently lent his voice to the movie, Trolls, which is starring big time actors like Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick.

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Becca Dudley on Facebook Live
MTV VJ Becca Dudley will be the backstage Facebook Live correspondent of the night, covering everything going down behind the scenes at the EMAs. She's going to be interacting with the fans through Facebook and asking the big stars of the night the questions on everybody's minds.

Becca is a great fit for the EMAs because she's passionate about music. She DJs, hosts radio shows and even knows her way around a drum set.

Not only does she have amazing interviewing skills, but she's already proved to be an awesome correspondent at last year's EMAs.

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