EMA #TBT: Ariana’s Amsterdam Adventure

In 2013, Ari was the EMA’s digital host, presenter, tour guide...and girl crush of Katy Perry and Rita Ora.

Hey, remember that time before Ariana Grande was a super famous international pop megastar?

No? Take your time, we'll give you a moment.

Erm...well, OK, fine, neither do we really. It's hard to process that the EMA winner was ever not topping charts as consistently as ponytails top her head. But only a couple of years ago, the 2015 Best Pop nominee was best known as an actress, and just developing her rep for having an amazing set of vocal pipes. And it was at that game-changing moment in her career that Ariana did the honours of being backstage host at the 2013 MTV EMA in Amsterdam!

Not only did she and Katy Perry become instant besties, but she bonded with Iggy Azalea when they co-presented an award...which is how the idea of recording together came about. You're welcome, everyone who had 'Problem' on repeat for weeks!

Relive the memories of Ariana's big appearance...

And as a TBT bonus, check out Ariana's performance of 'Problem'/'Break Free' from our 2014 Glasgow show!