#TBT: Miley’s EMA Evolution

We thought Ms. Cyrus’s 2010 performance was provocative…but we hadn’t seen anything yet!

August 14, 2017
Looking back, it's hard to believe that Miley Cyrus's first MTV EMA performance, at Madrid in 2010, came off as provocative. At the time, she was still outgrowing her image as a wholesome child star, and her skimpy onstage outfit and hip-thrusting moves came off as pretty racy. Like this….

And this…

But it was at the 2013 show in Amsterdam that Miley REALLY got racy … bumping and grinding with a latex-clad performer named Little Britney:

Oh right, and also this happened:

The next day, Miley's mysterious cigarette made headlines around the world! MTV ranked this memorable acceptance speech as one of the top 20 greatest EMA moments of all time…would you pick it as the top EMA moment EVER?

Check out a gallery of Miley Cyrus's changing looks over the years. Do you prefer her in the young, innocent days or as the tongue-flashing twerker of today?