TBT: Pharrell’s EMA Hats

Look back at Pharrell Williams’s previous EMA appearances—and hats!

September 16, 2014
Pharrell's music has evolved over the years…and so have his hats! Check out this pictorial history of his EMA appearances over the years.

2002: Pharrell poses with Jade Jagger at the MTV EMA in Barcelona. Yes, he's wearing a hat, but frankly, there's nothing buzzworthy about this standard sideways cap.

2003: Arriving at the first Scotland-hosted EMA, in Edinburgh, Pharrell (here with musical collaborators Chad Hugo and Shay Haley) stepped up his hat game slightly with a camo print. But clearly it was upstaged by another accessory: his blingy skateboard-shaped pendant.

2006: Now THAT is a statement-making hat!!! During his performance with Snoop Dogg, Pharrell made a bold choice of headpiece. Clearly this was a precursor to the signature look that would have everyone buzzing in 2014!