Is Foo Fighters’ ‘Run’ Video The Best Music Video of 2017?

October 15, 2017

The Foo Fighters' music video for their song 'Run' shows us what happens when a group of olds turn all the way up—and against their evil caretakers. At first, the tone of the video is bleak as an emotionless, nusery home crowd watches a performance by a wrinkled and white-haired Foo Fighters. Things escalate quickly as the band's music riles up the elderly crowd until they start moshing, combatting their caretakers and ultimately escape the nursing home and jack a car from a group of youths.

In addition to being kind of funny, there's something deeply satisfying about watching a nursing home revolt take place.   

Bonus fun fact: the video was directed by the band's frontman Dave Grohl.  

So, is it worthy of the MTV EMA Best Video award? Let us know with your vote!