The 7 Best Quotes of the 2014 MTV EMA

Nicki, Redfoo, Justin, and more delivered some memorable one-liners during the show!

November 9, 2014

'Queen, that's what they call me. Plus, I'm ballin' with the tartan army.' –Nicki Minaj, debuting a new rap in honour of Scotland

'She got that booty popping so good, my anaconda just turned into the Loch Ness Monster up in there!' –Redfoo on Nicki Minaj

'My name is David Hasselhoff. Can you point me in the direction where the free stuff is?' –David Hasselhoff, breaking character as 'Bravehoff'

'And I want to say the last word: Nicki! I love your butt!' –Bibi Zhou, memorably wrapping up her Worldwide Act acceptance speech

'You stupid ******* dinosaur! Get the **** out of here!!!' --Nicki Minaj, cursing out a prehistoric photobomber

'And, er … I'm gonna go get some groceries.' --Justin Bieber, randomly wrapping up his Best Male acceptance speech 

'I'm'a wrap up tonight and get back to my hotel with a nice cup of tea and a "Downton Abbey" box set.' –Nicki Minaj, opting against a wild after-party