Relive the Top 20 OMG EMA Moments of All Time!

Then pick YOUR personal fave OMG moment!

September 12, 2015
The MTV EMA is notorious for being an event where absolutely ANYTHING can happen—and often does. MTV have handpicked 20 of the most jaw-dropping, mind-blowing moments in EMA history to relive in a crazy new TV special.

Tune in to see the 'Top 20 OMG! EMA Moments' from 12th September (check local listings) to see how we ranked these OMG moments in our countdown—then come straight back to to pick the clip YOU think tops the list. After the poll closes on 25th September, MTV will remix the special so the countdown follows the order EMA fans selected!

So what's the most outrageous moment? P. Diddy offering ladies in the audience a diamond ring for stripping naked? Miley Cyrus opening the 2013 show with a twerk-tastic performance? Or something even more outrageous—if that's possible?! Tune in to find out, then pick YOUR top OMG clip! You can watch all 20 and take the poll right here.