The Netherland's 5 Best EMA Moments

There are always some wild EMA moments when the show's in the Netherlands.

October 10, 2016
That time Katy Perry became a maypole in Amsterdam. Katy Perry blew everyone away at the 2013 EMAs when she pulled a very Katy Perry move and transformed into a human maypole onstage.  During her performance of "Unconditionally," the singer was raised high in the air while dancers artfully weaved the maypole ribbons around her. Oh and then she took flight and finished the performance while suspended in mid-air, NBD. 


The time Slash and Blackstreet shared the stage in Rotterdam. It was a genius move when the guys behind "No Diggity" and living rock legend, Slash, collaborated on the song, "Fix" in 1997. The combination of Blackstreet's soulful singing with Slash's high energy guitar riffs made for an amazing, one of a kind live performance. 

When Miley Cyrus lit a joint onstage in Amsterdam.  In 2013, Miley Cyrus was shaking things up or rather, twerking things up, everywhere she went including the EMAs in Amsterdam.  Not one to pass on creating an OMG moment, Cyrus celebrated her Best Video win by sparking up a joint in front of the entire EMA audience while accepting the award.


When in Amsterdam!

Bjork's beautifully eerie performance of Bachelorette in Rotterdam.Back in 1997, Bjork totally captivated the EMA audience when she performed "Bachelorette" with a full string ensemble on stage with her. Also onstage with her were giant structures that looked like coral shipped in from outer space, only reinforcing our theory that Bjork is from another planet.

When Snoop Dogg performed "Gin and Juice" with Afrojack.It doesn't get more real than a Snoop Dogg performance of "Gin and Juice."  So when Snoop unexpectedly teamed up with EDM star, Afrojack, for his performance of the crowd-pleasing hit at the 2013 EMAs, it could only be described as surreal.