You know you're from Rotterdam when...

We're all about that Rotterdam life at this year's EMAs.

October 24, 2016
You consider sprinkles a breakfast food. All over Rotterdam both adults and kids can be spotted eating a breakfast of buttered toast topped with sprinkles--yes the kind usually reserved for ice cream and cakes. The sprinkles, known as "hagelslag" in Rotterdam, are typically chocolate or fruit flavored.

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You bike more than you drive.  Rotterdam is a super bike-friendly city.  Nearly everyone there owns a bike and about a quarter of the population bikes every single day.  Biking is such a big part of the Rotterdam lifestyle that the city built "cycling highways" to allow people to bike to nearby cities. 

You have at least one orange shirt. The Dutch love to wear orange.  They even have a name for the phenomenon of wearing orange en masse, Oranjegekte, or "orange craze."  In the Netherlands, orange is worn to King's Day celebrations, big soccer games, and pretty much any international sporting event. Essentially, if you come across a crowd wearing orange in Rotterdam things are about to get lit.

You don't do curtains.  Walking around Rotterdam, you'll notice that most people have no problem letting the world see into their homes.  Sunlight is a rarity in the city so, when it turns up, it's always welcomed into homes.  People in Rotterdam are all about big windows and no curtains.

You're crazy about football.  Football fans in Rotterdam and the rest of the Netherlands are known for their passionate following of the sport. There are three football clubs based in Rotterdam; Feyenoord, which is the most popular, Sparta Rotterdam, which is the oldest, and Excelsior.There are even football groupies who travel around the country to watch their favorite club play.