Local Act Pre Nominee Voting Starts Today!

September 19, 2016
On 27 September, the official 2016 EMA nominees will be announced and fans will get to start casting their votes for all of their fav artists and performers.

We can hardly wait for the 27th September to get here so we're kicking off a round of pre-nominee voting today!!!!!

This is your chance to get that one local act that's always overlooked into the spotlight. There are already four nominees lined up for the [insert local Act category name]:
  1. [insert name]
  2. [insert name]
  3. [insert name]
  4. [insert name]
and now it's up to the fans to decide who the final nominee will be. The local act who gets the most votes during this round of pre-voting will go on to be a (insert local Act category name) nominee and compete against the others in that category.

To cast your vote all you need to do is tweet the hashtag of your favorite wild card contender.

The wild cards and their hashtags are:
  1. [insert name]: [insert #] #MTVEMA
  2. [insert name]: [insert #] #MTVEMA
  3. [insert name]: [insert #] #MTVEMA
  4. [insert name]: [insert #] #MTVEMA

Tweet the hashtag solo, tweet it at your mom, tweet it with a GIF, tweet it with a haiku—whatever your heart desires! Just get those hashtags out there.

Don't forget to check back with us on the 27th September to find out if the wild card you voted for will be one of the final nominees!