Milan, city of Expo 2015.

Strategic, touristic, centre of art and culture, capital of finance and publishing, world reference point for fashion and design – Milan is a vibrant, youthful, dynamic city where you never have the chance to get bored.

Boasting a wealth of sports, cinema, music, history and art, this year Milan treats its visitors to a new and compelling experience: Expo Milano 2015, the greatest event ever staged on the theme of food and nutrition.

The Universal Exposition is a city in the city, brought to life with conferences, concerts, DJ sets and food and beverage tastings open to the public all day long where you can experience the world's finest dishes and discover recipes and flavors unlike anything you've ever tasted before. It is also especially fascinating for the amazing diversity of approaches taken by each of the 140 participating countries to the challenges central to this year's Expo theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life".

A unique and unrepeatable journey among structures with original forms designed by internationally renowned architects inspired by the culture of each individual country. An extraordinary experience continuing uninterrupted until the 31st of October. A rich succession of exhibitions, events and shows, because Expo Milano 2015 is a huge, immense festival and the whole world is invited.