Welcome to Rotterdam – 5 fun facts you didn’t know!

September 12, 2016
  1. 1. If Rotterdam's Bobbing Forest had a theme song it would be Cold Water. The "forest" of floating trees was created by a group of artists who planted the 20 trees in recycled sea buoys and set them afloat in Rotterdam's harbor.

  2. 2. As a lover of modern architecture, Kanye West would fanboy-out in Rotterdam, which is covered in modern skyscrapers and some of the most interestingly designed buildings in the Netherlands. Rotterdam became the "City of Architecture" after much of it was rebuilt following the destruction of World War II. Now Rotterdam is the city with the most architecture firms in all of the Netherlands.

  3. 3. When it came to getting their 390-meter footbridge, The Luchtsingel, built, one of Rotterdam's architecture firms made like James Franco and turned to crowdfunding. Anyone can have their name added to the bridge if they contribute funding. As a result, the bridge is made up of thousands of customized wooden planks that were contributed by the people of Rotterdam and elsewhere.

  4. 4. Cool: it's how you feel when you wear a leather jacket, it's the name of one Gwen Stefani's best songs and it's a neighborhood in Rotterdam. Yes, one of Rotterdam's neighborhoods is actually named Cool. Fittingly, Cool is home to Witte de Withstraat, an avenue lined with some of the cities coolest cafes and stores.

  5. 5. Lady Gaga doesn't have to worry about coming down with another bad case of altitude sickness when visiting Rotterdam because much of the city is below sea level. Some neighborhoods in Rotterdam sit as far as 20 feet below sea level.