Wild Card Nominee Voting is Open!

26 September 2017
The voting period for the 2017 MTV EMA is just one week away! Before we can officially kick off the vote, we need fans to pick one 'wild card' to add to the lineup of nominees for Best SE Asia Act.

So far the 2017 nominees for Best SE Asia Act are:
  • Isyana Sarasvati
  • Faizal Tahir
  • James Reid
  • The Sam Willows
  • Slot Machine
  • Dam Vinh Hung

Now deciding who that seventh Best SE Asia Act contender will be is up to you!

To submit your vote for a wild card contender you simply tweet the hashtag #MTVEMA plus the hashtag that corresponds with the wild card act of your choice. This year's wild card contenders and their hashtags are:
  • Raisa: #NominateRaisa
  • Ayda Jebat: #NominateAydaJebat
  • The Ransom Collective: #NominateTheRansomCollective
  • Sezairi: #NominateSezairi
  • Palitchoke Ayanaputra: #NominatePalitchokeAyanaputra

Each post including #MTVEMA and the wild card act's hashtag will count as one vote. (So don't waste your time repeating hashtags in the same post!) You can cast your votes for the wild card contenders from now up until Monday 2nd October 11:59PM CET.
The fan-picked wild card nominee will be announced on October 4th along with all of the main EMA category nominees.