Eminem has become one of the biggest selling artists of the past decade and has won hundreds of awards - including an Oscar!

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About the artist

From: Detroit

EMA Nominations: Best Breakthrough 1999, Best Male 2000, Best Song/Best Male 2001, Best video 2002, Best Male 2003, Best Male 2005, Best Urban/Best Video 2009, Best Video/Best Male/Best Song 2010, Best Male 2011, Best Male 2013, Best Song/Best Male/Best Hip Hop/Best US Act 2014

EMA Wins: Best Hip Hop 1999, Best Album/ Best Hip Hop 2000, Best Hip Hop 2001, Best Male/Best Album/Best Hip Hop 2002, Best Hip Hop 2003, Best Male 2009, Best Hip Hop 2010, Best Hip Hop 2011, Best Hip Hop/Global Icon 2013

EMA Performances: Cleanin' Out My Closet/Lose Yourself 2002, Like Toy Soldiers/Just Lose It' 2004, Berzerk & Rap God 2013

Debut: 'Infinite' (1996)

Fun Fact: Before he became a rapper, Eminem's dream was to become a comic book artist.

Why MTV Loves Him: He raps about serious issues with ferocity but still retains a great sense of humour.