Palitchoke Ayanaputra

Palitchoke Ayanaputra or Peck released new single "Sorry" on July 10, 2017 under White Music, GMM Grammy. Also In 2017 Palitchoke has honor of Popular award from KAZZ Awards 2017, 9entertain Award and Thailand Headlines Person of the Year2016-2017

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  • Best Southeast Asia Act

    Palitchoke Ayanaputra


About the artist

From City / Country: Thailand

Debut Release: One Palitchoke (2005)

Biggest Hit: Sorry (2017)

Previous EMA Wins: -

Fun Fact: Be creative to make new bold word and become to popular. Everyone like and use it!

Why MTV Loves Him/Her/Them: Throughout his limelight, Palitchoke has established an awe-inspiring body of work which uniquely his own, musically and artistically. His loyal fans are every age and every gender who appreciate and support to Palitchoke. That's a point to build engagement from his fans with MTV which is the main entertainment media channel.