Drake is one of the best rappers in the biz. His hits about friendship, relationships and, of course, enemies practically live at the top of the charts.

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About the artist

From: Toronto, Ontario,

Debut: ’Thank Me Later’ (2010)

Big Break: ‘Best I Ever Had’ (2009)

Biggest Hit: ’One Dance’ (2016)

EMA Nominations: Best Hip Hop/Best North American Act 2012, Best Hip Hop/Best Canadian Act 2013, Best Hip Hop/Best Canadian Act 2014, Best Hip Hop/Best Canadian Act 2015, Best Song/Best Male/ Best Canadian Act 2016

EMA Wins: Best Hip Hop (2016)

Fun Fact: Before he was a rapper, he was a TV actor.

Why MTV Loves Him: He’s gained respect as a rapper from all around the world but never forgets where he came from.