Enrique Iglesias

The Spanish singer has sold over 100 million records worldwide.

About the artist

From: Madrid, Spain

Based in: Miami, USA

Debut: ’Enrique Iglesias’ (2005)

Big Break:

Biggest Hit: ’Hero’ (2001)

Cool Collab: ’Bailando’ with Sean Paul (2014)

Awesome Accolades: Tons

EMA Nominations: Best Song/Best Pop/Best Male 2002, Best Male 2010, Best World Stage 2011

EMA Wins: Best Spanish Act 2010

EMA Performances: ‘Love To See You Cry/Maybe’ (2002)

EMA Appearances:

Fun Fact: He is the son of singer Julio Iglesias.

Why We Love Him: The massively successful international superstar makes us swoon.