The trio is one of the most popular alternative-rock outfits in recent history. Their 2013 ‘Paramore’ album hit #1 in 8 countries.

About the artist

From: Tennessee, USA

Members: Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis, Taylor York

Debut: ’All We Know Is Falling’ (2005)

Awesome Accolade: 2 international platinum albums

EMA Nominations: Rock Out 2008, Best Alternative 2009, Biggest Fans 2011, Best World Stage 2013, Best Alternative 2013

EMA Wins: Best Alternative 2010

EMA Performances: Hayley Williams performed ‘Airplanes’ with B.o.B, Madrid 2010

Fun Fact: The band own multiple Guinness World Records for their ‘Ain’t It Fun’ video.

Why We Love Them: We love the honesty and fearlessness in their music!